The Nut Shop

Nut Shop Hours during January-October

During January-October please call or email us to find out when The Nut Shop will be open.

The Nut Shop January-October Inventory

The inventory during January-October includes:

  • Shelled pecans: native, papershell, and large pieces;
  • Limited quantities of cracked pecans (of various varieties);
  • Dark chocolate toffee almonds;
  • Ginger almonds;
  • Malted milk balls;
  • Trail blazer mix (cashews, M&Ms and raisins);
  • Cinnamon pecans;
  • and other selected items.

Nut Shop Hours during November-December

During November-December The Nut Shop hours are:

  • 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • Open 7 days a week (except on major holidays) through Christmas.

The Nut Shop November-December Inventory

The inventory of our most popular items includes:

  • fresh cracked native and papershell pecans;
  • shelled native and papershell pecan halves;
  • chocolate covered pecans;
  • chocolate amaretto pecans;
  • cinnamon pecans;
  • pecan brittle;
  • roasted and salted peanuts;
  • chocolate peanuts;
  • raw peanuts;
  • hot'n spicy peanuts;
  • peanut brittle;
  • shelled english walnuts;
  • black walnut pieces;
  • whole and sliced almonds;
  • chocolate almonds;
  • roasted and salted cashews;
  • natural pistacios;
  • sweet harvest trail mix;
  • banana chips;
  • and many more items.